Things That You Never Expect On Chocolate Enrobing Machine.

Though a good temper is available with a double boiler, a tempering machine is a vital bit of equipment used by Chocolatiers and home chocolate fans to make their ideal chocolate creations. The machine combines the Callets into the melted chocolate, distributing the secure crystals of this Callets thoroughly and evenly all over. Difficult to clean because chocolate gets everywhere. And that is what we mean by tempering: bringing chocolate up to the proper working temperature while ensuring that the crystalline structure of the cocoa butter in it is stable.

For tempering systems other than wheel-type machines, we recommend contacting your supplier. If you make the small effort of bringing your chocolate to the right working temperature properly, you’re guaranteed to get the desired outcome. During tempering, the cocoa butter in the chocolate takes on a stable crystalline form.

Selmi is not simply a standard for machines linked to the processing of petroleum, for example tempering or coating machines, coating and cooling lines, sphere based refining machines, one-shot, however, has also expanded its range into machines such as roasting coffee and dried fruit and also for ice cream lotion.

Our product range includes state of the art equipment for processing artisanal chocolate, such as tempering machines, coating machines for the production of truffles, coating pans for its production of dragees, coating and cooling lines, sphere based coating machines and one-shot, which makes this the most extensive range bean to bar” for its production of chocolate beginning from the cocoa bean.

The intent of tempering chocolate would be to pre-crystallise the cocoa butter in it, which is vital to create your chocolate prepared for processing. We’ve had some discussions on chocolate tempering machines. Not very easy to find the un manicured seed oil out. It’s excellent machine for chocolate tempering for home used.

The temperer melts and tempers up to 1.5 lbs of chocolate in under 30 minutes, guided by a fully automatic micro-processor using forced hot air. Then if you are into creating chocolates… in no time you’ll out grow these tiny chocolate enrobing machine machines. As a matter of fact Renato Selmi started in the remote 1965 using the processing of hazelnut paste and subsequently moved on to chocolate paste, where he then specialised.

As well as the well recognized two day long operational courses, Selmi provides its customers personalised one-to-one 5 day consultancy classes with Selmi chefs on processing coffee and chocolate. I certainly need to buy a machine – I enjoy not having to continuously monitor the temp while trimming or molding, but was believing that the 1.5 lb limit on these machines was somewhat small.

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